About us

Many years of experience and innovation hand in hand.

How Hejmo Homes was born

The story behind
our modular homes

Due to climate change, far-sighted and considerate use of our natural resources is becoming increasingly important. Besides, structural problems, rural depopulation and urbanization are making entire regions increasingly unattractive for people to live in. At the same time, rents in bigger cities are becoming unaffordable for many. The desire for flexibility also increases consistently. Settling for one place to live over the next few decades? Unthinkable for many nowadays.

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Hejmo Homes as our solution to three societal challenges

Climate change, rural depopulation and rising rents, an ever-increasing need for flexibility: These three societal challenges motivated us to build our own houses. Houses that are different – and great at all levels. With our Hejmo Homes, we solve the problem of often poor energy efficiency in small homes by setting higher standards to reduce the use of energy. At the same time, we enable affordable housing and support rural regions in the process. Finally, our homes adapt to changing circumstances as they can be expanded, downsized, or moved to a new location together with its owners.

Our three dimensions of sustainability

To ensure that we succeed in this, we pursue a holistic concept of sustainability based on the three-pillar model. This means that, in addition to the ecological dimension, we also focus on the economic and social dimensions of sustainability. We want to balance all three dimensions for future-oriented development in the construction industry. In a nutshell, this means our Hejmo Homes are:

Great for the environment

With the KfW efficiency house standard 40 or 40 plus and the use of materials that are as sustainable as possible, we take a considerate approach to resources.

Great for your wallet

The high flexibility of our houses and the state KfW subsidy make them a long-term, economically sustainable investment for the future. They simply grow with your wallet.

Great for social cohesion

By working with regional partners, we strengthen social values and systems. We also donate a portion of our revenue to homeless people in the region.

Energy efficiency is our trademark

In our Hejmo Homes we apply the most modern technologies and materials, the highest energy savings and the best craftsmanship. This is how our houses contribute to environmental protection, sustainable construction and future security. Exactly what you imagine for your own home? Let´s start planning for your construction project.

Our team

Four minds, one vision

The combination of many years of experience and fresh ideas, of quality and innovation is what makes us stand out. These four people are behind Hejmo Homes and the vision of simply great houses:


Uwe Kettner

Architecture & energy efficiency

Uwe has been building houses with a focus on superior energy efficiency for 30 years. He is responsible for designing the energy-efficient building shell and the largely regenerative supply technology.


Lisa Weise

Operations & business develop­ment

Lisa is a major in linguistics and educational sciences. Before co-founding Hejmo Homes, she was a project consultant in a management consulting company and is familiar with ever-changing markets. She is currently on parental leave.


Tom Bade

Industrial design & product policy

Tom is an industrial designer. As the head of creativity, he is responsible for translating ideas into a ready-to-market product. In doing so, he combines technical requirements and solutions with the design requirements of our clients.


Uwe Weise

Planning & technical project management

Uwe is a civil engineer and has been building residential and commercial buildings for 30 years. Together with Uwe Kettner he realizes the building projects and is your contact for project management, production and assembly.

What we stand for

Strong values for houses,
you simply want to live in

We want your Hejmo Home to be an entirely good decision for you - on every level. That's why we are committed to these values:

Quality of life

Highest quality and precision in the production of our houses are a matter of course for us. However, it is just as important to us that our customers feel completely at ease in their new home and do not lose any of the comfort they are accustomed to. With our Hejmo Homes we want you to gain in quality of life. This is our ultimate goal.


We take responsibility for our business activities because we want to make a considerate contribution to ecological, economic and social sustainability. However, we feel equally responsible for trusting relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, without whom we couldn´t realize our houses.


Our houses are flexible in that they are not only expandable and dismantlable, but also transportable. As a young company, however, our cooperation is also based on flexible structures. It is important to us to be and remain open to new ways of doing things instead of settling for worn-out, ridgid standards.