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The decision for your own home comes with plenty of questions and many important steps to think about in advance. To help with this, it's good to have professional support at hand. We will be at your side from the initial idea to the final house and offer you all services related to construction from one single source. Even after you have moved in, we will continue to be there for you. For example, if you want to expand your house, downsize or change location.



Whether for everyday living or going on vacation: We will customize your Hejmo Home to your exact needs. We will also implement special requests efficiently and to your financial advantage. Our 3D planning will allow you to take a virtual look into your new home in advance.

Construction permit

If requested, we will prepare all the documents required for your building project in order to obtain a construction permit (planning, static calculation, thermal insulation certificate, building application forms, etc.) for your Hejmo Home.

KfW application

Hejmo Homes achieve an efficiency house standard 40 or 40 plus and are therefore eligible for financial support from KfW. Upon request, we will assist you with the corresponding application.

Production & installation

Our houses are 100% made in Germany. After realizing your ideas in the planning and the issueing the construction permit, we will need about 6 months until your house is ready for transport. Once the modules are on site, your house will be ready in two days.


The development of a construction site differs depending on the location. It includes accessibility and media-technical supply (drinking water, electricity, sewage). The client is responsible for the site development in collaboration with local companies. We will be happy to advise on this.


The foundation must be built according to our specifications and static calculations, depending on the nature of the terrain. This service too, is usually provided by the client. We will support you in the coordination of the foundation work.


Your house will be transported in seperate modules on speciality vehicles directly to the construction site. The modular concept also allows for later dismantling and transport to a new location. We will be happy to arrange further transport for you.


An expansion of the house is possible at any time. Already during the planning phase, we will discuss possible expansions with you in order to align the site development, the position of the building on the plot and the room concept with your ideas.


Your Hejmo Home can also be downsized if needed. To ensure that deconstruction takes place as sustainable as possible, we emphasize the reusability of our materials. Wherever possible, we do not use composite materials, and we pay attention to grade purity and recyclability.
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Checklist for your building project

Have you just started thinking about your own home, or are you about ready to kick off your building project? Fill out our checklist to get an overview of your next steps:

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    Build your Hejmo Home with us!

    If you would like to build a house with us from January 1, 2022, simply get in touch with us using this contact form. Please let us know how far you have got with the preparations for your building project. Feel free to use the checklist for this. You can fill in digitally and simply attach to your message.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


    Frequently asked questions
    about Hejmo Homes

    If you have questions about us, our houses or your own building project, you may already find an answer here. If there are still open questions, simply contact us via the contact form.

    “Hejmo” originates from the artificial language Esperanto, invented in 1887 by Ludwig Lejzer Zamenhof, and means “home”. Against the backdrop of impending wars, his aim at the time was to create a language that would provide a neutral space in which no nation would have linguistic advantages or disadvantages. In Zamenhof’s understanding, a society should be built on tolerance, peace, equality and diversity. That’s why we are called “Hejmo”: To make our vision of an affordable, sustainable and cozy home accessible to as many people as possible – just like the idea of Esperanto.

    Our Hejmo Homes are houses and thus, unlike Tiny Houses on Wheels, require a permit to be set up. That means you will always need a developed property and a construction permit. When choosing a property, you should consider in advance whether a later extension of the modular house is an option for you. We will be happy to advise on this.

    Your property should meet the following requirements:

    • Access for heavy vehicles (40 tons)
    • Level terrain, not below street level
    • Soil class 3-4 according to DIN 18300, earthquake zone 0, snow load zone 1, wind zone 1, no flood, inundation or ground subsidence area, no property waste loads
    • The property must be mapped, boundary stones must be documented.

    The basis for our pricing is the construction and performance description as well as your individual house planning. The basic price for the HEJMO33 is around €120,000 for a house with KfW efficiency house standard 40. This includes consultation and planning, production in accordance with the defined scope of services, on-site assembly and support throughout the entire process. The preparation of the construction permit, the application for KfW, foundation, transport (calculation depending on the distance and terrain), as well as all optional features are calculated seperately and are added to the basic price.

    Privately or commercially used buildings with a KfW efficiency house standard 40 or 40 plus qualify buyers for funding from KfW – paid out directly or as a loan. Here you can find more information about the new federal funding from KfW.

    Feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will provide you with an individual offer starting in the fall of 2021.

    Our HEJMO33 is with 33 m² currently our smallest version of a Hejmo Home. This model consists of a combined technics & bathroom module and two live-in modules, which can be arranged to your preference.

    For all modules, it is possible to select only the fixed features or to add one or more optional features. Expansion with additional modules, single or two-story, is possible and is theoretically limited only by the dimensions of your property and budget.

    No, this is not possible. Unlike Tiny Houses on Wheels, Hejmo Homes are modular houses that are permanently assembled on a site and therefore can only be transported by specialty vehicles.

    Our ventilation concept is based on a physiologically necessary air exchange, i.e. the regular exchange of air greatly reduces the formation of odors and prevents the formation of condensation and the associated mold damage. Even hanging laundry, for example, is not a problem. The integrated pollen filter also caters to the growing number of allergy sufferers.

    The spatial separation in a HEJMO33 is visually possible without any problems, but is naturally limited in terms of sound due to sliding walls between the kitchen and the bedroom or living area. If you need a quiet study or separated children’s room, we will be happy to help you plan an additional module.