Simply great houses.

What we do

Our houses

Hejmo Homes are high-quality, sustainable and transportable houses. They consist of individual modules and adapt exactly to your needs - whether as a home, vacation home or mobile office.

Who we are

Our motivation

With Hejmo Homes we want to address three social challenges: Climate change, the rural depopulation and increasing rents as well as the growing desire for flexibility. Our goal is to simply build great houses. Great for the environment and great for you.

First model home in the fall 2021

From October 2021, our model home for the HEJMO33 in Grimma will be ready for your visit. Your own building project can start from 2022. Learn about everything you need to know about building your home with us now – or look forward to getting to know our first Hejmo Home.

Alone, for two, for the family, as an office

A home for every need

Small houses can be used in many ways. Whether as a residential or privately used vacation home, for rent or as an office. No matter what you plan to do with your house, our Hejmo Homes fit every need. And because we put a big focus on energy efficiency, our houses are eligible for KfW funding. From July 2021, funding will also apply if houses are used for business purposes, provided they meet the KfW energy efficiency house standard 40 or 40 plus.


Vacation home for city people

Everyday life in the city, weekend in the countryside or by the sea? Our smallest model with its approximately 33 m² area is ideal as a weekend house or a retreat for a relaxing vacation. If you do not use the house yourself, you can rent it to other travelers.

Private home for the family

Whether with just one module or extended to a larger area, our houses offer space for all family members and can be perfectly used as a private home. If in a few years you should consider moving to a different location, you can simply take your Hejmo Home with you.

Barrier-free accessibility in retirement

With its features and accessibility, our HEJMO33 with 33 m² is ideal for retirement - alone or as a couple. You will be fully provided for and be enabled to spend the next few years relaxed and independent in your own little space.

Office facilities for business

In addition to the living area, you can set up another module in your home as a modern, quiet office for working remotely. For pure business purposes, several modules can be combined to form a larger office with workstations, conference equipment and a small kitchen.

Stay up to date

Find all the news about our Hejmo Homes on our Instagram feed. The focus here is not only on the construction process of our houses, but also on overarching topics such as minimalism, environmental protection and energy-efficient living. Feel free to follow our page.